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Where is Kitchenbridge available

Kitchenbridge is primarily available in central London but I am very happy to travel further. Many clients hold bridge weekends, whereby they do an entire course over two days, this is especially good for those who live a long way from London. It is more of a house party. Please note I do not drive and therefore public transport needs to be available.

Julia Williams, Plantation Wharf


If you live in central London and are within walking distance of a tube or bus stop then no more need be said.

Not quite local

As long as public transport is available then there should be no problem but travel expenses will need to be refunded.

Definitely not local

Please email me to discuss, but many people who live an hour or more by train from London often do two lessons in one day and so an entire course is completed in three days.

Many people make a weekend of it and so four lessons are completed in quick succession. I am happy to stay overnight if the distance warrants it.

All travel expenses will need to be met.