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About Kitchenbridge

My name is Barry Farncombe and I teach people on a private basis how to play bridge. All lessons are held in your own home and you can learn on your own or with friends and family. I teach both in London and the Home Counties.

There are also lessons available to download, for those people who want to teach themselves or improve their existing game, without the need to access a teacher, a club or a poorly structured bridge book.

Many people do not enjoy bridge clubs with their lack of individual attention and often there is peer pressure to ‘keep up’. More than likely you are simply a busy person and you need the bridge to fit in around your other commitments.

Kitchenbridge solves this problem by coming to you at a time and place that fits in with your diary. You can learn during the day, the evening or weekends.

Your knowledge of the game is built up layer by layer until sooner than you think you are playing bridge with both confidence and more importantly enthusiasm.

Remember Kitchenbridge is your personal tutor and you call the shots.

Whatever course you choose, the emphasis is on fun and informal learning.

Why not take up the challenge?

The game starts when you’re ready. Welcome to Kitchenbridge.